Company for whom we are giving our services:

• Kshema Power Infrastructure Company Pvt. Ltd.
• Exide Industries Ltd.
• Laxmipati Infrastructures Company Pvt. Ltd.

We, for all following physical activities consultancy services will be provided by us for successful project completion.

A. Marketing & Business Development: We, by providing consultancy services, help in Identification of new opportunities , catching NITs, tender purchase, site visits , attend pre bid meeting , Liaison , documentation, sending enquiries to vender , preparation of tender, submission of bid security, post tender activities etc.

B. Purchase: WE, by providing consultancy services, help in Identification of vendor, send enquiries, collect quotations, vendor approval from client, preparation of comparative statements, Primary price negotiations, Final negotiation (If Primus desires so), release purchase order, supply chain management.

C. Purchase activities with client: We, by providing consultancy services, help in PDI, DI issuance from client, Pre delivery and post-delivery material inspections, material billing.

D. Human Resource: We, by providing consultancy services, help in process of interview & selection of employees, appointments, manage attendance, salary sheets preparation etc.

E. Finance: We, by providing consultancy services, help in Cash flow preparation, time to time raising of fund requirement, Monthly accounts preparation & submission, Subcontractor billing statements, Vendor payment statements, client billing statements Etc.

F. Capacity Building: We, by providing consultancy services, will help in creating best atmosphere for grooming of our client’s employees to become familiar in Distribution project to become self-dependent in dealing such projects in future.

Area of Expertise

Our area of expertise is in Electrical Distribution sector which generally covers:
» Solutions for Substations.
» Solutions for Distribution Projects.
» Solutions for HT & LT Lines, Transformer installation.
» Electrical Solutions for Highway & roads.
» Solutions for Control Panel , underground cable, Cable laying & termination, Trunking & Earthings.
» Solutions for Service connections, illumination & Street Lighting.
» Solution for smart metering.
» Solutions for power loss reduction.
» Solution for billing & revenue collection.

Core Project Areas

Our Technocrats / Team have successfully completed various projects in Electrical Power Distribution sector namely:
» Feeder Renovation Projects
» Feeder Separation Projects
» High voltage Distribution System
» RGGVY Projects
» R-APDRP Projects
» Substation Projects
» ADB, JBIC funded Projects
» Various Urban & Rural Electrical Projects
We are also looking for our participation in upcoming DDUGJY & IPDS Projects.

What we provide

We ensure following Technical Services with lisioning:
Tendering» New Project Information, Bid preparation & Submission, Negotiation with Dept., Award of contract.
Cash Flow Preparation & Monitoring» Preparation of cash flow, continues monitoring of cash flow to achieve the set goals.
Procurement» Vendor information, collection of quotation, preparation of comparison, Negotiation with vendor, Material Inspection, P.O. finalization, Inventory control, Quality Control.
Design & Engineering» Survey, Design & BOQ finalization.
Project Execution Management» Construction, Quality, Safety, Contractor Management, Store Management.
Manpower/staff solutions» Interview, Selection & appointment of Project staff / Manpower.
Billing» Supply, Erection, P.V., Tax etc
Project Closer» Project Reconciliation, Project Completion Certificate.